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5 Easy Tips For Wearing Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are one of those men's fashion trends that are always stylish. After all, they're simple, versatile, and pair well with practically any outfit. Here are some of the situations where polo shirts shine the most:

1. Show off an athletic body

When you have an athletic body, you naturally want to show it off. Choose a polo that has a snug fit, with sleeves that sit just above the bicep and a shorter length so that you don't need to tuck it in. Leave the polo shirt untucked and wear it with a pair of snug fit jeans or Bermuda shorts.

2. Leave it unbuttoned

Even though most polo shirts have buttons, you should consider not using them, even if you wear them at work. Buttoning polo shirts makes you appear stuffy and unapproachable - an especially bad thing if you're in charge at work or if you're dating. If leaving all of the buttons undone is a bit much for you, it's OK to button the bottom one.

3. Don't wear anything underneath

Do you regularly wear a T-shirt underneath your clothes? This is a no-no for polo shirts! Polo shirts are meant to be worn when it's warm outside. You don't want to add an extra layer because that completely defeats the purpose!

4. Perfect for layering

With that being said, the polo shirt is perfect for layering - as long as it's the bottom layer! You can easily wear a polo shirt on a cooler day, as they pair well with light jackets and sports coats. For a more formal look, they also look great underneath a business suit. They're perfect for those days when you know you will need to take off your coat at some point. For colder days, consider wearing a mens long sleeve polo shirts.

5. Choose the right color

Not all colors are created equal. Take care to choose a color that complements your existing wardrobe. Consider buying polo shirts in bold, trendy colors; this is an easy way to enjoy the trends without overhauling your whole wardrobe.

These easy tips will help you wear polo shirts with style and ease!

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